DIY Candle Refill Kit

DIY Candle Refill Kit

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Bring Your Candles Back to Life with Our Eco-Friendly DIY Candle Refill Kit

Our Eco-Friendly DIY Candle Refill Kit is here to ignite your passion for crafting your own beautiful, scented candles. This kit is packed with everything you need to refill your Glorified By Society candle jars and keep your home smelling wonderful.

Inside the Box:

  • Top-Quality Coconut Soy Wax: Our sustainably sourced, biodegradable coconut soy wax burns cleanly and smoothly, perfect for refilling your candle container.
  • Captivating Fragrance Oils: Refresh your candle collection with our selection of enchanting scents. Choose from soothing, energizing, or earthy aromas to match your mood or the season.
  • Natural Wooden Wicks: These easy-to-install wicks are trimmed to fit Glorified By Society vessels, ensuring a perfect burn from start to finish.
  • Simple Instructions: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned candle maker, our clear, easy-to-follow guide helps you every step of the way. 

PLEASE NOTE: A VESSEL IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS KIT. You will need a Glorified By Society 8oz or 9 oz vessel for this kit.

Why You'll Love This Kit:

It’s all about sustainability and creativity. Our refill kit lets you reuse our 8 oz candle vessels and fill your space with fragrances you adore. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to engage in an eco-friendly hobby or unwind after a busy day.

This kit isn’t just practical; it’s a delightful way to keep your home decor fresh and vibrant. It makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys a little DIY magic, too!

So why wait? Get your Eco-Friendly DIY Candle Refill Kit today and keep the candlelight glowing in your life.

What You'll Need To Do Before Making Your Refill:

Please ensure that you've cleaned out your used 8 or 9 oz vessel before making your refill. An easy way to get remaining wax and your wick and wick clip out of the bottom of the vessel is to freeze it overnight, and pop the wax out the next morning using a plastic knife. Remove your old label, and gently wash your vessel using hot soapy water and a soft sponge or dish cloth. Please make sure your vessel is dry before pouring your refill into it.


Pickup starting April 28th at Broadhead Brewery 11-4, or Glorified HQ 6-9. Shipping will begin April 29

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