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Car fragrance

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This gorgeous wooden car fragrance will make your car smell AMAZING! 

Perfect for a gift, or to treat yourself! You can also hang it in your bedroom, livingroom, office, or bathroom. 

Each car fragrance lasts 2-3 months (or longer!), and is available in all of our scents. 

Mango & Coconut: Fruity, candied, tropical. Like a drink with an umbrella in it by the ocean 

Saffron & Tobacco: Sweet, sexy, smoky. Sort of like the underground jazz club you used to frequent

Persimmon & Peach: Sweet, ripe persimmon flirts with juicy peach and fruity nectarine. Like a peach bellini but without the calories.

Black Rose: This ain’t your mama’s rose. Darker, deeper, spicier, and sexier than the rose you’re used to. 

Sea Salt & Strawberry: Fresh picked strawberries blended with sea salt and coconut water. Your vacation starts now.

Clementine & Clouds: Orange blossoms kiss marshmallow clouds and finish with a warm amber base. Sweet seduction in a scent.

3” inch H x 3” inch W
Hanging cord is approximately 6 inches

Every piece is hand made, and as always, all fragrance oil used is phthalate and paraben free. 

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