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What's in my ski bag?

Add these items to your cart and you'll be ready for the slopes. As always, I do actually own all of these items, and paid for them myself before I started blogging about them. People constantly ask me where I get the items I use and love, and truthfully, the answer is usually amazon because your girl loves a deal. So here they are:

1. Heated Gloves I can't handle the cold. At all. And with these babies,I don't need to! They have 3 heat levels, and will last you all day. I love mine!

2. Heated rechargeable insoles Another absolute must have. My feet are ALWAYS freezing, but not when I ski! Wrap the battery around your shin or boot, and you'll have 4 levels of heat to keep your feetsies toasty all day. Heated insoles were by far the best money I spent on anything ski-related.

3. Boot Bag Being able to fit my boots, snow pants, helmet, toque, goggles, gloves, socks, and everything else I shove in there in one place was an easy yes for me. And the fact that your boots are separate keeps your clothes and everything else in the middle compartment nice and dry. I love this bag.

4. Base Layer Top Cute, warm, stylish, not bulky. Need I say more?

5. Leggings I don't just use these for skiing. They're thin enough to wear under my ski pants, and they help wick the moisture away from my body so I don't freeze my ass off (literally) while I'm getting my cardio in. They're Lululemon Align dupes, but for 35 bucks. Add to cart asap  

6. Wool Socks  The ski aficionados are going to come for me with these, but I don't care. I know they're not specifically ski socks. But ski socks are ugly and go up to your knee (which to be fair makes it easier to put on your boot, and prevents you from having any pain points with seams rubbing against the inside of the boot), and they're thin and I just don't like them. So I wear these. They keep my feet warm and dry, and look cute with my leggings because I'm all about style and not so much about function, but these do both so I'm still going to put them on here. 

7. Overcast Goggles Ok so hear me out on why I have 3 pairs of goggles. 1) I'm insane. But 2) I'm nearly blind, and very light sensitive. So if I wear goggles meant for sun when it's overcast, I cannot see a single thing. I go snow blind VERY easily, so these are great for days where it's still bright, but not sunny.

8. Sunny Goggles These babies have UV protection, and also make you look cool as hell so, just buy them. They're awesome.

9. Low Vis Goggles Now these are my saving grace for snowy days. When the visibility is garbage, and it's snowing like crazy, and I can't see anything, I wear these and I can actually see the upcoming moguls, or hills, or drops. Otherwise, I'd be completely blind, and vision is sort of important when you ski. Get these if you have trouble seeing in the snow for sure. You won't regret it. 

10. Satin Lined Toque Why satin lined? Because when we're done skiing, we don't want to take off our helmet and toque and look like a hot mess. Especially if we have curly hair. This satin lined toque not only protects your style while you ski and sweat, but also allows for you to take it off and have your hair still look perfect. And you can also continue wearing it when you're having some apres-ski fun because it's super cute! Win-win-win!

11. Nike Neck Gaiter Okay so you're probably wondering again why so many neck warmers now? Well, that's because it's a double layer of protection from the cold. Fleece neck warmers can get frost on them from your hot breath and sweat, and then your face is freezing because it's touching literal ice all day. Also, they don't always stay up above your nose. So I put this nike neck warmer on, and it helps wick moisture away from my nose and mouth. It's tight and thin though, so that's why I need the fleece neck warmer! 

12. Fleece Neck Warmer This neck warmer goes on overtop of my nike neck warmer, and it helps keep my face warm. 

I hope you enjoy all of these items as much as I do! 




Disclaimer: As an amazon associate, I earn with every purchase made via these links. 

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